Company policy



The General Management of NTL , a company dedicated to transport and road freight logistics that offers logistics management integrated , is aware, and wants to let you know and integrate the values ​​of our staff, employees and our day to day, that the future happens to be a company EXCELLENT . That is, a company that is valued by our customers in a positive and differentiating way from our competitors, considering the satisfaction of our shareholders, internal staff, self-employed and collaborating companies, the environment, or society in general, through a process of Continuous Improvement according to the principle of:

“NTL: a trusted service”

“Customer Satisfaction is our Reward”

To do this, we have opted for:

  • Consider Quality, Safety, the Environment and Social Responsibility, key aspects in decision-making.
  • Operate in accordance with an integrated and efficient Corporate Management System, based on a process of Continuous Improvement of the results, which offers quality in the service, environmental protection environment include pollution prevention and other relevant commitments, security of operations and personnel, satisfaction of stakeholder requirements while maintaining NTL’s operating margin
  • Have a direct and transparent deal with customers.
  • Have a structure of dynamic company able to adapt to changing needs transmitted by customers and the market ..
  • Actively involve staff through training, motivation and participation programs, thus ensuring proper training for the proper development of tasks and responsibilities related to each job .
  • Establish strategic collaborations with our external collaborators, freelancers and external delegations, to have an interaction that generates added value for all parties.
  • Track and control the Occupational Risks , with the aim of guaranteeing and improving the conditions and the good work environment of all NTL personnel.
  • Compliance with legislation and other requirements in all business areas, whether operational, environmental, or Occupational Risk prevention.
  • Keep open dialogue with all stakeholders , based on clarity and transparency.
  • Promote good internal communication at all hierarchical levels of the company , establishing improvement programs and recognizing the best proposals of our staff and especially those that entail a improvement of the quality of our service, the environment and prevention of Occupational Risks.
Signature: Jaume Noguer and Alsina
Managing Director
Vic, on February 11, 2021