Corporate Social Responsibility

A commitment to people and the environment

NTL is fully aware of the role that companies play in every sphere of society, whether economic, social or environmental.
For this reason, in 1996 NTL made the decision to take on the double challenge of improving the quality of its services and increasing its staff’s knowledge of the sector, with the specific goal of improving its processes, and hence began implementing the ISO 9002 standard, becoming certified in 1997.
NTL’s next objective was to improve the environmental management of our suppliers in order to help improve our environment. In 2004 we achieved both ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certification.
Although all this entails devoting a considerable amount of time and human resources, NTL believes that the health of the environment depends on each and every action we take, however small they may be or however insignificant their impact might seem.
For the last few years, NTL has earmarked part of its budget to collaborating with non-governmental organizations and cultural and sporting associations.
NTL sees corporate social responsibility not only as a series of contributions or activities that improve an aspect of our society but also as a whole set of internal policies geared towards improving the working lives of our staff.