The solution for consolidations or in-transit goods

NTL receives various shipments which might come from one or several origins and which, due to their specific needs, have to be delivered to the end client in a single consolidated shipment. This might also involve goods which are passing through or in transit which need to go through a checkpoint before they reach their final destination.

  • We receive and unload the goods or orders.
  • We check the documentation.
  • We corroborate the management order issued by the client.
  • If necessary, we group the goods into a single consolidated consignment.
  • We prepare the new documentation.
  • We deliver the goods to the final destination in accordance with the client’s instructions.
  • We help our clients to save time and money in their logistics operations.

A powerful information system

By scanning the barcodes incorporated in all our transport labels, we know at any given time where each parcel is located, offering our clients total shipment traceability. The labels also include important details such as the delivery date, delivery note number, order number, route location, postcode of the destination, a section for remarks, etc.

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