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What is the CSS Department?

What is the CSS Department?
The CSS Department is the result of the merger of the two departments that come into greatest contact with our clients: Customer Service and Support. This department is made up of a team of people who deal directly with our clients and report to the Commercial Director.
“One of our goals at NTL is to cement the loyalty of our clients through the quality of our work and the positive attitude of our team of staff.”

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Main functions of the CSS Department

Commercial aspects:
  • To develop and implement NTL’s own commercial sales policy and reach the annual targets established in the budget.
  • To bring in solid, reliable business contacts to guarantee the company’s future.
  • To maintain and enlarge our client portfolio.
  • To ensure optimum client satisfaction by constantly monitoring our client portfolio.
  • To foster interaction between the sales teams and our clients to ensure continuous improvement and inform our clients about the progress and new features of our services.
  • To collaborate closely with our clients in all their logistics needs and also identify new business opportunities.
Troubleshooting and after-sales service:
  • Resolving any everyday incidents with qualified, properly trained personnel.
  • Simplifying communication channels between NTL and our clients by using new technologies and direct lines, reducing time spent answering queries thanks to communications based on a direct relationship between the salesperson and the account executive in the after-sales process. This makes solving any potential incidents much more streamlined and effective and results in satisfied clients.
  • Personalized management of client accounts, telephone queries, one-off or personalized management of shipments, trade fair and event logistics, etc.
  • Creating and generating bonds of trust with their counterparts.
  • Anticipating potential problems, providing advice and solid logistics knowledge.

At present, the main differentiating factors that set us apart from our competitors are the quality, training and level of responsibility of the staff who form part of our organizational structure and provide our customer service. These details are what set us apart from the rest. This is the byword and the added value of NTL: We don’t invent excuses, we find solutions.