NTL, Cirvianum Institute and Dual Training

Within the framework of the promotion of Dual Training, NTL has collaborated with the Cirvianum Institute of Torelló by welcoming students of the Training Cycles related to new technologies.

On February 12, 2021, NTL receives a visit from MV Advertising by Montseny Comunicación to interview the Coord. from HR, Ms. Elisabet Costa, referring to the Middle Grade Training Cycle of Micro-IT Systems and Networks, of which there is currently a student, Mr. Raúl Soneira, who is also interviewed during this visit.

The objective is none other than to publicize the benefits of this educational model, which combines theoretical training in the educational center with practical training in companies, which allows young people to enter the labor market, and at the same time facilitates companies the possibility of filling vacancies effectively.