Support technology

We are committed to equipping NTL with the most appropriate technologies and applications to guarantee the compliance and continuous improvement of the services we offer to the benefit of everyone involved, both clients and staff.
We are currently developing a new ERP by AndSoft which offers full open-source solutions and allows us internal, multicentre and client communications in real time.





Technological resources

  • Constant access to information via the website from anywhere in the world.
  • Labelling and delivery note generation software for use at the client’s offices.
  • Digitalization and filing of delivery notes and other documents related to our service by powerful document management software for optimum archiving and organization.
  • Viewing and downloading from the website of invoices in PDF and Excel formats.
  • Warehouse management by RFID terminals in real time.
  • Continuous incorporation of new technologies to constantly improve our processes.
  • ERP and multicentre website with a single multiuser, multilingual database by client, with password access to different business areas.


Tracking of shipments

NTL has developed its technology to ensure our clients receive more and better information:

  • Traceability of goods by barcode labelling.
  • Computerized location control of the goods travelling in each vehicle, whether delivery or fixed route.
  • Measurement of processes by indicators and statistics.
  • Scanning management and subsequent return of delivery notes signed by the consignees.
  • Scanning management of initial delivery notes.
  • Scanning of transport receipt notes.
  • Management and prompt payment of returns.
  • Management and follow-up of alternative services, such as trade fairs, exhibitions and special deliveries which add value to our basic transport service.
  • Notification to clients of the whole process followed by their goods and delivery notes, visualization of the details of the process and management of accompanying documents which can also be downloaded from the website.
  • Automatic generation of events to anticipate communication with the client.