Fuente de Oro award in Valencia

Dear customers/suppliers,

We are proud to report that on May 13, 2024, NTL VALENCIA OPERADORES LOGISTICOS SLU, received the Fuente de Oro 2024 award for the façade renovating and Mr. Javier Villanueva, head of our delegation in Valencia, collected this distinction which rewards actions of sustainability and improvement of facilities, which contribute positively to the image of the Fuente del Jarro industrial estate, in Paterna, developed during 2023.

The representatives of each company received the award from the mayor of Paterna, Mr. Juan Antonio Sagredo and the president of the EGM Asivalco-Fuente del Jarro, Mr. Carlos Serrano, in addition to the applause of the rest of those present.

From NTL we appreciate the effort and dedication of the entire team during the time the works lasted; Teamwork is the key to success and this has been a reward for everyone.