NTL: a project whose growth is fuelled by passion

To provide you with our extensive range of services, NTL has modern facilities in Vic, Madrid and Valencia covering a total surface area of 33,845 m2 and a total built area of 20,000 m2.
Our team of staff comprises some 200 dedicated professionals. We have 125 fixed route and/or delivery vehicles to guarantee a fast, efficient and customized service for all our clients in compliance with their contracted requirements.
Our attitude is driven by our determination to improve every day, based on cutting-edge technology and ongoing training of our staff so we can offer our clients a logistics service tailored to their needs; an integral service offering the maximum reliability, efficiency and punctuality. This approach has led to NTL consolidation as one of the finest transport and distribution companies in Spain.


Why choose NTL?

Because we offer everything you need: logistics advice, warehousing, picking, cross-docking, and national and international transport and distribution; all within a single corporate structure. We offer you a direct and effective professional partnership at highly competitive rates.


A brief history

VICTRANSA was founded in 1984 as the result of a merger between two regional companies which originally provided a service between the cities of Vic and Barcelona. Its rapid growth and evolution has meant that the company now offers delivery services in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Great Britain, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Morocco and Tunisia.
Over the last few years, Victransa has consolidated its efficiency in goods transport by road which has allowed the company to evolve towards greater specialization in warehousing and order preparation for its clients, transforming it into a truly integral logistics operator.

And in 2019 the company has taken a step forward and has changed its corporate image due to the constant transformation of the market and the fast development of the sector in which it operates, in order to consolidate itself as a global, innovative and modern company, a company that looks to the future and walks towards the progress.